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1 Ltr Tin Industrial & Other Custom Match Paint


Custom Match Paint Mixed From Vehicle Colour Code


Industrial & Other Custom Match Paint Mixed From Colour Name & Code

Over 77,000 colours for Cars, Motorcycles, Commercial and Agricultural Vehicles.
Includes RAL, BS, & Pantones Colours
Exceptionally Good Colour Match (To Original Paint Specifications)
1 Ltr & 1/2 Ltr Tin Paint
Ideal for Small / Medium & Large Areas

Note 1: For metallic paint, we recommend that you also purchase some lacquer for a shiny professional finish.

Note 2: If the colour need a high amount of Pearl or Mica in the Metallic Basecoat colour Mix, we reserve the right to charge extra for the paint and you will be contacted with details of the additional charge before the paint is made up. These are in Rare Circumstances.